Trademark Applications registration in Iceland. The protection of Trademarks  begins upon filing and is valid for 10 years from date of registration. After registration the trademark is published for opposition in the Icelandic Trademark Gazette (ELS tidindi), opposition must be filed within 2 months from date of publication. Trademark registration may take 3 -6 months if there is no opposition. Trademarks are renewable for 10 years at a time upon payment of fees. Application for renewal may be filed 6 months before  and / or 6 months after the end of 10 years period. A foreign applicant must appoint an Icelandic agent.

Use, if the owner of a trademark has not used the trademark within 5 years, the registration may be invalidated by rule of court, upon demand of  business interested party.

Searches of a trademark registrability is also one of our provided services. Multi Classes applications are available in Iceland.

Patents, National Patent Applications in Iceland, valid 20 years from date of filing application, subject to payments of annual fees, first 2 years are due, when the 3rd year is paid, counting from the filing date.

International Patent applications, PCT Applications, entering into national phase, PCT designating Iceland. Patents are valid for 20 years, from date of filing  the international application, subject to payment of annual feees, the first 2 years are due when the 3rd year is due to be paid, counting from the international filing date. Annuity payments can be paid 3 months before due date and 6 months after, including 20% surcharge. Translation into Icelandic language is required for title, abstract and claims, descriptions are acceptable in English. A foreign applicant must appoint an Icelandic representative.

European Patent validation in Iceland. Iceland became a member of EPC in November 2004.  International PCT applications and / or EP applications can be validated in Iceland upon issuance of European Patent. Title and claims need to be translated into Icelandic language, specification can be filed in English. European patent has to be filed within 4 months from the date of mention of the grant and fees has to be paid. Applicant must have an Icelandic representative.

Design, industrial design registration, valid up to 25 years, from date of filing, subject to renewal and payment of fees every 5 years. Application and description must be in Icelandic language. A foreign applicant must appoint an Icelandic representative.


Requirements for filing applications

European Patent Validation

  1. The title and claims of the EP Patent must be translated into Icelandic language
  2. Other documents can be filed in English
  3. Time limit from grant of the EP are 4 months
Payment of annuities, reasonable price


  1. Instructions from owner or his agent
  2. Applicants name and address
  3. Trademark (word, logo, device, etc)
  4. Classes of goods and description of services
  5. Multi classes available


  • A registration is valid for 10 years from registration date. Can be renewed for 10 years at a time upon payment of fees
  • Applications can be filed 6 months before due date or 6 months after due date, upon 20% official surcharge
  • We do not need Power of Attorney for new applications


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